Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Driving Day!

Yeah, so as soon as I get off my ass and finish the dishes, clean the piggy cages, put Moonbeam in her travel "cage" (a glorified box) and Peanut Thunder in Moonbeam's cage, and put the rest of the crap in my car, I will be heading to Cleveland to spend the evening with Justin before we head to Erie Thursday morning.

I am so not looking forward to the drive today. First off, I slept kind of crappy last night (thank you Nikki for calling me at midnight and waking me up *yawn*), then I woke up at FIVE AM... do you know when the last time I got up at five am and actually STAYED UP???? Yeah, me neither. I do remember the last time I woke up at THREE AM and stayed up (last Black Friday). Do I need to get up that early again this year? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on what Jen needs to get. The sales are kind of crappy this year, and I really just want to get to Kohls during their early bird time and get 60% off maternity clothes.

One plus? I tried on my winter coat from last year, and.... IT STILL FITS!!! Whoo! Now, I can't guarantee just how long it will fit, but anything is better than nothing.

Well, back to getting everything ready - I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and if you are traveling, please be safe. If you are hosting, may all your food be the best your guests have ever had!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beware what you name your pets...

So Joan and Dane adopted an orange tabby cat, and named her Amber (aww). Well, Joan noticed that she was eating a TON and getting fatter, and so now she suspects the cat is pregnant.

Note to anyone else: Don't name your pet after your PREGNANT friend. lol

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feet? What feet?

I knew I was startig to get bigger by the fact that it took nearly all of my energy today to cut my toenails. Good Lord that was a lot of work.

Well, I didn't realize just how big I was getting until I got dressed today and looked at myself sideways in the mirror. Ever since I've gotten boobs, my boobs have stuck out way further than my stomach has. Yeah. Not any more :-).

I also had my first "When are you due?" question from a stranger! just under 14 weeks to go!

This picture isn't the best, since it was taken with my crappy-ass cell phone, but it's better than nothing!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Remember a month ago when I was all Bitter? Well..........

My mom called me last Friday and said Nikki's Dr couldn't find the baby's heartbeat, so she was going to go for an ultrasound on Monday or Tuesday (why not right away, I have no idea).

Well, it turned out that the baby passed at week 9, and she should have been at week 11. Nikki was scheduled to have a DNC on Thursday, but she ended up starting to pass it on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning about 3am. My mom went to the hospital with her while she had the procedure done.

Nikki is fine - she had to take 3 days off of work, and for the next 2 or 3 months isn't allowed to pick up anything heavier than 10lbs.

When I heard she had problems, OF COURSE I felt terrible for her. First because I accused her of getting pregnant on purpose (which I still don't know if it was or not), then for telling her I was not and could not be happy for her when she can't even pay her own bills! I would never have wanted her to have a miscarriage, but perhaps it was for the best. I mean, she still can't pay for her own bills, and both her and her boyfriend need to work full time. I know my parents would have had to either a) support them somehow, or b) provide daycare.

I talked to her for a bit last night, and she seemed okay. We're going to try to get together on Thanksgiving, since my mom has to work that day and we're not actually going to have our Thanksgiving dinner until Saturday. Perhaps we can resume our normal sibling relationship now. Only time will tell.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hard work this weekend

Well, this weekend 2 of the corporate offices got his with a nasty virus. Luckily it didn't hit my site, but I was still sucked into helping with the other sites. Friday night I left work about 7pm, Saturday I got pulled into a call about 6pm until 4:30am (but I fell aslepp sometime around 1:30am and woke up a few times to work on the pc I was working on), then Sunday I was on a call from 7:45 pm until nearly 1am. I sure am tired.

However, on Sunday when I woke up, I decided I better get a move-on with the baby registry. Man oh man, is that HARD. I worked on it all day yesterday, and still don't have everything picked out. I at least have the "important" stuff picked out - the pack n play, car seat (with extra base), car seat stroller converter thingy, and others. I have a crib picked out, and I really am liking the convertibl crib idea, but I don't know if that crib is the exact one I'm going to go with. I am going with a natural colored crib, and it has to be convertible (and still look nice as a larger bed).

So far I have stuff at Target, Wal-Mart, and Babies R Us. I used my mom's address in PA, since we're going to end up in PA any way, and that way stuff doesn't have to be transported multiple times.

*sigh* It's soooooooooooo much work.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vale Lightning

This afternoon, when I went to clean the guinea pig cages, I found Lightning had passed away in his (and Peanut Thunder's) cage. He was 6 years and somewhere between 1-2 months.

Remaining "family" members are Peanut Thunder (4 years) and Moonbeam (about 5 years).

His favorite activity was begging for treats. He particularly liked to sit with me (specifically on my "shelf") and share a pomegranate.

You can read his story on this post:

Rest in peace, my dear little friend.

My friend June made me this mug about 2 years ago. I'm really glad that I have it, since he will never be forgotten now.