Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've decided to move all my Alex posts over to a new blog:

That way I can keep bitching over here (making it public again), while giving the family baby updates.

Besides, Justin and I will both be posting on that one, so hopefully it will be updated on a more regular basis.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winter, please come back!

So this past weekend it was beautiful and HOT out. While it was nice, there are several reasons I want winter to return:

1. I was pregnant the whole winter. While it was nice I wasn't huge during the hot sticky summer months, I ski in the winter! I missed the whole downhill skiing season! Guess I'll just have to plan my next pregnancy better ;-).
2. I live in the ghetto. The cold and snow kept people indoors. For example:
  • Sunday night after we got home from Cleveland, I was finishing feeding Alex and heard a commotion outside. As I was burping him, I was going from window to window trying to find what was going on. There were probably 50 people in the street screaming and yelling at each other, blocking traffic on my road. I was seriously getting ready to call the cops when they got out of the road and seemed to calm down. I don't really want to be "that" person, but I totally will. Black people are afraid of my dogs, and I'm not afraid to use that to my advantage. (But seriously, has anyone ever heard of a beagle attacking someone? I didn't think so).

Friday, April 24, 2009

One bad thing

One bad thing about living on a busy street and finally having nice weather is that once you have all the windows open, you risk going deaf beacuse you have to turn the TV up so loud over the traffic noise. I'm contemplating turning on the closed-captioning just so I can understand what the heck is going on!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Sunday night Justin and I went to Olive Garden for the first time in probably two years or so. BB (before baby), we would get a pitcher of Sangria (the red/berry kind). Over the course of the meal, it would make us feel pretty good, and tasted awesome.

Well, I just ordered water since I'm trying to be a good mom and all (don't want a drunk baby :-D), but Justin got a glass of Sangria. I had a sip, and holy crap have I become a lightweight. ONE FREAKING SIP and I was already getting that lightheaded feeling.

Well, if I ever become an alcoholic, at least it will be cheap!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Question of the day

What's 11.5 lbs and 23.25" of cute?

This guy:

He had his 1 month well-checkup (at 6 weeks, but whatever). He goes back to the Dr in a month for his first set of immunizations. I'm sooooooooo looking forward to that (not).

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Visit at daddy's work!

Today I had my 6 week postnatal appointment, where I was cleared to, *ahem* resume normal activities. On the way home, I had to pass Justin's work, so I called him and asked him if it was a good day to show off Alex... or not. He said that while it was a bad busy day, things had calmed down, and he had some time. So Alex & I visited Justin as work for the first time. All his fellow engineers ooh and aahed (well, as much as men do) and said he needed a tiny hard hat & safety glasses. Well, I already bought Alex some sunglasses, but I bet I could find him a tiny hard hat.

I went to a children's consignment shop, and picked up Alex a cute little overalls & long sleeved onesie outfit, and it's quickly become our favorite outfit. Here he is in it, sitting on the couch:
In other news, we have been giving Alex "tummy time" a few times a week. Today I put him on his tummy on the couch, and he lifted up his upper body on his arms! He is getting to be so strong!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 month and 100th post!

Today, Alex is one month old. In that month, Alex
  • has used about 250 diapers (we have yet to pay for any though! yay for diaper raffles!)
  • has peed on me four times, and daddy only once (dang it).
  • has decided to paint the changing table a lovely mustard yellow twice (I was too slow with the next diaper).
  • has had four baths - 2 sponge, and 2 in his lovely pink tub (sorry buddy, but it was cheaper than the blue one!)
  • has stretched his nighttime sleeping to 4 1/2 hours sometimes.
  • has had lots of kisses by mommy, daddy & Chance.
  • got lots of new outfits.
  • has been to mass twice so far.
  • has gotten lots of compliments on how cute and handsome he is.
  • has drained the batteries in his swing once so far.
  • can hold his head fairly steady.
  • has started smiling and focusing on faces.
  • makes "ooh" and "ah" noises.
  • has wrapped everyone around his tiny little fingers... of course!

(I'll add more today when I think of it)