Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feet? What feet?

I knew I was startig to get bigger by the fact that it took nearly all of my energy today to cut my toenails. Good Lord that was a lot of work.

Well, I didn't realize just how big I was getting until I got dressed today and looked at myself sideways in the mirror. Ever since I've gotten boobs, my boobs have stuck out way further than my stomach has. Yeah. Not any more :-).

I also had my first "When are you due?" question from a stranger! just under 14 weeks to go!

This picture isn't the best, since it was taken with my crappy-ass cell phone, but it's better than nothing!


Heather said...

Awwww! Look at you! That's great, Amber.

Wildman said...


Wildman said...

And HOTT!! (and I am allowed to say that!)

Dave K said...

I've heard the term "baby bump" before, but that is more of a "baby hill."

A blue square in skiing terms...

When are you moving back to Pennsyltucky?

And I'm mostly over my anger towards my former employer, but I'd love to hear more about the virus incident. And don't leave out any details... Like "Colburgh... This would have neer happund if we still had Colburgh" in best scottish accent... (Even though we all know it probably would have, I like to dream about my own indespensibility...)

Paul J said...

damn baby you so fine!
definitely got it going on!
i can't wait to see the baby!

DeeDee said...

How cute! I love baby bumps.