Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Driving Day!

Yeah, so as soon as I get off my ass and finish the dishes, clean the piggy cages, put Moonbeam in her travel "cage" (a glorified box) and Peanut Thunder in Moonbeam's cage, and put the rest of the crap in my car, I will be heading to Cleveland to spend the evening with Justin before we head to Erie Thursday morning.

I am so not looking forward to the drive today. First off, I slept kind of crappy last night (thank you Nikki for calling me at midnight and waking me up *yawn*), then I woke up at FIVE AM... do you know when the last time I got up at five am and actually STAYED UP???? Yeah, me neither. I do remember the last time I woke up at THREE AM and stayed up (last Black Friday). Do I need to get up that early again this year? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on what Jen needs to get. The sales are kind of crappy this year, and I really just want to get to Kohls during their early bird time and get 60% off maternity clothes.

One plus? I tried on my winter coat from last year, and.... IT STILL FITS!!! Whoo! Now, I can't guarantee just how long it will fit, but anything is better than nothing.

Well, back to getting everything ready - I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and if you are traveling, please be safe. If you are hosting, may all your food be the best your guests have ever had!


Cindy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't worry too much about the coat. Right about when you don't fit into your current one, you will be incubating too much to even want to zip up the coat.

Burgh Baby said...

Hope you are having a safe and fun trip!