Monday, November 10, 2008

Hard work this weekend

Well, this weekend 2 of the corporate offices got his with a nasty virus. Luckily it didn't hit my site, but I was still sucked into helping with the other sites. Friday night I left work about 7pm, Saturday I got pulled into a call about 6pm until 4:30am (but I fell aslepp sometime around 1:30am and woke up a few times to work on the pc I was working on), then Sunday I was on a call from 7:45 pm until nearly 1am. I sure am tired.

However, on Sunday when I woke up, I decided I better get a move-on with the baby registry. Man oh man, is that HARD. I worked on it all day yesterday, and still don't have everything picked out. I at least have the "important" stuff picked out - the pack n play, car seat (with extra base), car seat stroller converter thingy, and others. I have a crib picked out, and I really am liking the convertibl crib idea, but I don't know if that crib is the exact one I'm going to go with. I am going with a natural colored crib, and it has to be convertible (and still look nice as a larger bed).

So far I have stuff at Target, Wal-Mart, and Babies R Us. I used my mom's address in PA, since we're going to end up in PA any way, and that way stuff doesn't have to be transported multiple times.

*sigh* It's soooooooooooo much work.

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YD's a little bit of everything place said...

I like your baby girl's name selections, especially Elizabeth. Good selections for boys too!