Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am never getting rid of my orange Skechers

Never ever, (for as long as I live down here any way). These shoes are the HANDIEST-DANDIEST spider killers EVER. Last night I was in the kitchen, and there was another uber-scary spider, and again, my orange Skechers were nearby - ready to squash that sucker.

I just hope they're not actually attracting the spiders.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So last night when I was wandering around Wal-Mart getting groceries & puzzle glue, I decided to see if they had any Nintendo Wii's in stock. Since nowhere online had them, I wasn't very sure this tiny town had any.

What's this? THREE Nintendo Wii's in stock? Sweet! Now to only find a salesperson... I looked for a sales person for 15 minutes before someone finally paged electronics with a phone call, so I hung around the phone waiting for the salesperson to show up. When she did, and was off the phone, I managed to get a Wii, Wii Play (comes with extra controller), an extra Nunchuck, and a really cool charging stand that glows blue. I think once the government stimulus check deposits, I'm going to get a game... but I have no clue which one.

I hurried home with my prizes (and groceries) and put the groceries away (I had bought cheese, so it needed to be done first dang it). In my haste, I had forgotten to buy puzzle glue for the 4 puzzles that are waiting to be glued. Oh well. Who has time for puzzles when you can box, golf, play tennis, bowl, or play baseball? :-D

I ended up watching Bones, then House, then CSI, then FINALLY playing on the Wii. Around midnight I was cleaning up, and realized I. Couldn't. Find. Wii. Play.

Crap. I slipped on some sandals and checked the trunk of my car. Nope, not there. Shit. I pulled out my sales slip, and yup, there was the $49.99 game (helpfully labeled "Wii game"). Double crap. I called Wal-Mart and asked the guy if I had maybe left my game there. He tells me I'd have to come in and talk to customer service. *sigh*

I drive the incredibly long 5 miles to Wal-Mart (it's amazing how far away places seem when there's nothing in between), and wait in a line of a bajillion people because it's midnight and OF COURSE there's only one register open and like 4 people working in the whole store. I patiently sleepily wait my turn and the lady tells me I have to go back to Electronics to see if it's still there. "Hopefully someone is back there," I think to myself. Luckily there was and I got my bag that I had forgotten! Yay! As I was leaving, I realized I better buy that puzzle glue I forgot earlier, because my walls really need some artwork.

I can't wait to hone my boxing skills!

Monday, April 28, 2008


I currently have 3 guinea pigs - Lightning, Peanut Thunder, and Moonbeam. I will tell you about Moonbeam today.

I got Moonbeam (along with her late sister, Sunshine) from a grad student who was moving from Pittsburgh to Florida and would barely be able to afford rent & food for herself, let alone 2 guinea pigs. She had posted to a guinea pig group that I am still on to this day (I actually became one of the owners), and Justin agreed to let me get them.
Moonbeam is around 5 years old, and is a sweet girl - as long as she's living by herself. She was actually agressive to her sister, Sunshine, so we had to permanently separate them. She is a TSW (TortioseShell & White) American and weighs in at just under 3lbs. She loves to lay in her pink pigloo and eat celery.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Shoes or handy-dandy spider killers?

So last night I was sitting on my couch and realized I was starting to have a shoe explosion. In the winter time, most of my shoes are safely tucked away in the closet. When the weather starts to get warm, out come the sandals. Lately I've also had my boots in the house, since the "bug problem" I had was caused by sowbugs and my landlord put some stuff down & killed them all. It also hasn't rained in abotu a week and a half, and the pasture is pretty dry, so I'm not getting mud on my boots.

So at last count, I had my boots, sandals and hiking sandals (TEVAs) by the door, and in the living room I had my sneakers & slippers. I have more shoes in the closet, but the ones I wear the most were the ones that were out.

All of a sudden, I see something streak across the floor! SPIDER!!!!!!!!!! I grabbed the nearest shoe (my trusty old orange & white Skechers) and SQUASH that spider, sending him to spider heaven (which I hope is not the same as people heaven).

I think I'll keep my shoes out where they are, thankyouverymuch.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My first day off in 3 weeks

Today was my first day off in three weeks, and it was GLORIOUS. I didn't even get in my car today (unless you count when I put on my boots to go over to the pasture). I woke up around 9, played on the computer for a while, made some french toast & eggs, took a shower, and went to visit the horses in the pasture.

I had purchased some watermelon the other day and thought the horses might like watermelon rinds. HOLY CRAP did the horses ever love the watermelon! I guess I'll have to try to get watermelon when it's on sale this summer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PartyLite Candles

mmmmm.... the smell of fantastic candles!

I'm having a catalog sale until April 20 - let me know if you want to order anything!

Here's the site of my candle consultant:

I brought a bunch of mine into the office so people can smell some samples, and my office smells TERRIFIC - well, other than giving me a mild contact buzz since it's kind of strong :-)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Apparently it's not meant to be

A few years ago Justin & I were going "yard saleing" (how the heck would you spell that word???) and he came across these set of dishes very cheaply that I L-O-V-E. Since then, we've added on bit by bit. Well, the dishes also had glasses that go with them, and I had 4. I broke one of them a month or two ago, and I just noticed this evening that a 2nd one has a big crack on the inside. *sigh* The worst part is that they have been discontinued, and I can get them on ebay for $4+ each (plus shipping? I DON'T think so!) Oh, well I guess the other bad part is that I'm now down to 2 glass glasses. I hope I don't have anyone over for dinner any time soon!
Aren't those nice looking dishes?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Horse Riding Update #1

Well, I didn't get to go horse riding yesterday due to the funky weather, but I did get fitted for one of their saddles. "One of these days," Dane promises, "we will get out for a ride!" I think I need to get another balance ball though - that might help me to learn to balance myself a bit better in the horse. I lost my last balance ball when I had my best friend's cat for a year. He was apparently mad at me and decided to take it out on my balance ball with one quick swipe.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Finally, I am going to have my first "official" horse riding lesson today! I'm all ready to go - I have my handy dandy helmet, my boots, and soon I will be fitted for a saddle. oooooo yeah baby!

This is who I'm going to ride:

His name is Dallas, and he's 15 and very very sweet. I think I'm going to cut up some extra carrots for him today. :-)

The Simpsons

My avatar:

I've been playing Catapult on the new Simpsons website:
Be careful - it's addicting and hilarious!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dont have a cow, man!

So apparently "the Simpsons" are a bad influence in Venezuela. What did they replace the show with? That's right, half naked Pamela Anderson... aka old reruns of Baywatch.

Um... ok?...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've been rather cranky lately. Maybe it's the lack of quality sleep, or (more likely) it's the lack of quality time with my hubby. *sigh* If only I wasn't tied to this year long contract. ugh.

At least I'm working on leaving this place in a MUCH better state than it was when I first arrived!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lazy, Lazy Sunday

So today I woke up at 9am, lazed around & watched TV until noon, got a shower, went to the library, came home, made hot dogs, lazed about reading on my hammock, then went and visited the horses for a bit. All in all, it was a good, lazy Sunday (which I desperately needed). I surely hope I can keep my promise of leaving early from work this week.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I've been working on the railroad...

Well not really, but it's been ka-razee at work lately. They're doing contruction in both the front building plus my server room is being upgraded to actually handle the heat load in that room. Once I added 23 servers from my old office, that poor room started overheating terribly. It overheated so bad that we had to keep the outside door open (which is a terrible security risk). Well, it figures that the planning of the server room upgrade coincided with a major release or upgrade or whatever it is, and I had barely no time to be able to down the servers to move them around. Oh well. At least it's (mostly) done. The rest can wait until after work dies down and I don't have to go into the office at 3am in order to down servers. I can't wait for this coming weekend - we're installing a "new to here" phone system - the same one that was installed about 2 years ago at my old office. Now I get to be in charge of it - just what I do NOT want. Oh well.