Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday morning surprise!

This morning I woke up early and was cursing the fact that on Sunday morning there was nothing but CRAP on tv, when the doorbell rings. "Who the hell comes to my house," I thought. I opened the door, and my friend Joan looks at me, smiles, and says the four words I've been waiting to hear since March: "Want to go riding?"


So I grabbed my boots and long socks out of the trunk of my car, filled up my Nalgene bottle with water & ice (note: next time, use Gatorade/Powerade), grabbed my dusty helmet, and went across the street.

I rode Dane's brother's Mike's horse, Natural (so named because Mike only drinks Natural Ice beer), who is a sweet horse that has one speed: slow. (Which is good, since Mike has had a stroke or something that made one side of his body pretty weak).

We went on a 7 mile ride, which took about an hour and a half or so (maybe closer to 2 hours). Towards the end, I got too lenient with him, and he kept stopping at each high group of wide, leafy grass and taking a gigantic mouthful. It was fun though, even though my jeans got completely soaked in between my thighs (hey, it was hot out).

The only problem I had was at the very end of the ride, after we got off and were walking the horses back to the trailer. I ended up having a heat sickness spell, and had to sit for a while. That's why the next time I go out, I need to have some kind of electrolyte beverage with me. That or wait until it's cooler out to go riding... oh who am I kidding - I'd go each chance that I could :-).

I didn't take any pictures, mainly because I was afraid I'd break my pretty camera, but next time I'll try to bring it. BUT, I did have fun, even with the heat sickness episode at the end (which made me feel like crap the rest of the day).


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Aww, I wish I lived someplace that I could ride horses.