Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So last night when I was wandering around Wal-Mart getting groceries & puzzle glue, I decided to see if they had any Nintendo Wii's in stock. Since nowhere online had them, I wasn't very sure this tiny town had any.

What's this? THREE Nintendo Wii's in stock? Sweet! Now to only find a salesperson... I looked for a sales person for 15 minutes before someone finally paged electronics with a phone call, so I hung around the phone waiting for the salesperson to show up. When she did, and was off the phone, I managed to get a Wii, Wii Play (comes with extra controller), an extra Nunchuck, and a really cool charging stand that glows blue. I think once the government stimulus check deposits, I'm going to get a game... but I have no clue which one.

I hurried home with my prizes (and groceries) and put the groceries away (I had bought cheese, so it needed to be done first dang it). In my haste, I had forgotten to buy puzzle glue for the 4 puzzles that are waiting to be glued. Oh well. Who has time for puzzles when you can box, golf, play tennis, bowl, or play baseball? :-D

I ended up watching Bones, then House, then CSI, then FINALLY playing on the Wii. Around midnight I was cleaning up, and realized I. Couldn't. Find. Wii. Play.

Crap. I slipped on some sandals and checked the trunk of my car. Nope, not there. Shit. I pulled out my sales slip, and yup, there was the $49.99 game (helpfully labeled "Wii game"). Double crap. I called Wal-Mart and asked the guy if I had maybe left my game there. He tells me I'd have to come in and talk to customer service. *sigh*

I drive the incredibly long 5 miles to Wal-Mart (it's amazing how far away places seem when there's nothing in between), and wait in a line of a bajillion people because it's midnight and OF COURSE there's only one register open and like 4 people working in the whole store. I patiently sleepily wait my turn and the lady tells me I have to go back to Electronics to see if it's still there. "Hopefully someone is back there," I think to myself. Luckily there was and I got my bag that I had forgotten! Yay! As I was leaving, I realized I better buy that puzzle glue I forgot earlier, because my walls really need some artwork.

I can't wait to hone my boxing skills!

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