Friday, April 11, 2008

Horse Riding Update #1

Well, I didn't get to go horse riding yesterday due to the funky weather, but I did get fitted for one of their saddles. "One of these days," Dane promises, "we will get out for a ride!" I think I need to get another balance ball though - that might help me to learn to balance myself a bit better in the horse. I lost my last balance ball when I had my best friend's cat for a year. He was apparently mad at me and decided to take it out on my balance ball with one quick swipe.

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Justin said...

Actually the swipe was at me, the husband. I really had issues with that cat, and he at me. He shredded the end of one of our couches as a scratching post so he was banished to the basement. He also poked a hole in a garden hose that was piled up nearby, as he dug in and ran to a hiding spot. That is why indoor cats should always be declawed.

Plus I was highly allergic to his hair. I still find clumps as I have been cleaning and re-arranging the basement.