Saturday, April 12, 2008

Apparently it's not meant to be

A few years ago Justin & I were going "yard saleing" (how the heck would you spell that word???) and he came across these set of dishes very cheaply that I L-O-V-E. Since then, we've added on bit by bit. Well, the dishes also had glasses that go with them, and I had 4. I broke one of them a month or two ago, and I just noticed this evening that a 2nd one has a big crack on the inside. *sigh* The worst part is that they have been discontinued, and I can get them on ebay for $4+ each (plus shipping? I DON'T think so!) Oh, well I guess the other bad part is that I'm now down to 2 glass glasses. I hope I don't have anyone over for dinner any time soon!
Aren't those nice looking dishes?


I am me said...

aren't those Corell? and Pfalzgraf??

if so I'm pretty sure I've seen those at the outlet in Flemington NJ...
and I could probably be convinced to take a short ride up there, grab them and ship them on their merry way if you're not close enough for a ride yourself =)
I found your blog through theshire blog/livejournal...
Tamena checking in =)
tamena at gmail dot com

Amber said...

They are Corelle dishes. Dude, if you could pick up the drinking glasses, I would be FOREVER in your debt. Send me an email: ajewel_3469 @ yahoo dot com (remove the spaces & change "dot" to .)