Friday, October 3, 2008

There are SOME good things about living in the country

#1 Horses (duh)
#2 The fact that there's nowhere to shop, so I don't spend any money!
#3 I can wake up at 7:45 and be to work by 8-ish
#4 Everyone's generally friendly
and finally
#5 Trust in people.

Yesterday after feeding my friends horses, I walked down the street to the gas station (that's diagonally across from my apt), and ordered a hamburger and fries. While I was waiting and giving love to the gas station dog, Fido, a lady came in and pumped $10 worth of gas. When she went inside to pay, she realized she had forgotten her check and had no cash or credit cards on her (actually, not many people down here have credit cards, so I've found out). The owner (who lives 2 houses up from me), just wrote her name and phone number down, and she promised to come back tomorrow (today) afternoon and pay him for the $10 worth of gas in her car.

How many stores do you know that would let someone do that, especially a gas station? I think that's about the only one I know of. If I had been quicker about it, I would have just offered to pay the gas for her, but to be honest, I was tired, dusty, and hungry, and was just waiting for my supper. I didn't even think about it until this morning when I woke up. Oh well, there's always next time.


Heather said...

In the city, you have gas station attendants who try to steal your credit card instead. Maybe you should move there permanently.

Dave K said...

That would be a small price to pay for civilization... :)

Amber said...

pfft Heather - I'd go crazy if I had to drive an hour (each way) each time I wanted to go to Target.