Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ta da... ta da... tadatadatada DADADADADADA

Ok, that was my lame attempt at making a scary movie sound. But any way, apparently I'm a blog killer. That's right, you heard me. Ever since I started looking at blogs a few months ago, 4, count them, FOUR blogs that I read daily are either on private or just haven't been updated. I only read 8 blogs people, I mean, dayayam!

If you read my blog, it might be better if you *don't* comment, cause then maybe I won't find you and spread my poison.



Paul J said...

poison was a sucky rock band.

DeeDee said...

That same thing has happened to my Days of our Lives sites. WTF? I get into them, they give me my daily fix and all of a sudden they have lives to lead and can no longer update a soap opera site....pssshtt!

Amber said...

Is that the one that recently (or maybe it's been a while, I'm not usually home during the day), switched its camera style of filming to handheld/reality style? If so, then you're not missing much. I HATE the new style. I grew up with my mom watching the soaps on CBS and it amazes me how many of the same people are still on there.