Friday, May 23, 2008

Funny mishaps

So I was watching tv just now and saw a funny commercial:

The ending totally reminded me of when Justin and I were Christmas shopping in Kohl's and I was in the men's section looking at coats for his nephew, when my cart got stuck on a coat rack and knocked over not one, not two, but THREE completely full racks of heavy men's coats. Thank GOD there was no one else around. I managed to get one back up, but in the process almost knocked over another one. I boogied as fast as I could out of there.

If you're the clerk that had to fix my mess, I'm really, really, REALLY sorry.


Paul J said...

may i add your blog to my blog list?
your blog rocks!

Amber said...

You shorely can! Although you must be looking at my blog through beer goggles or something - my blog sucks! lol

DeeDee said...

because i'm nosey like that and read other people's comments...."looking at my blog through beer goggles" cracked me up!!

I totally had something to add about your post too but I've forgotten it now because I was too busy chuckling at the beer goggle remark.

Can you tell it's summer and the kids are home and driving me nuts!!