Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sometimes, like last week, I'm reminded that I now reside in a "city" of 7500 people.

I was in Piggly Wiggly because I forgot to buy bread at Wal-Mart. I had realized that I forgot when I saw the lady in front of me buying bread, and I was NOT going to wait in line all over again. Any way, Piggly Wiggly had their bread on sale for $1.00/loaf, as opposed to the $1.67 it normally was. Sweet! I read the poster board sized sign [$1.00/loaf, round top or sandwich styles], and chose a nice fresh wheat bread. When I get to the register, it rang up as $1.67. Now, last week I was a little sleep deprived, so I am sure I gave her an evil look (as I unknowingly do when I'm tired), and stood there for about 10 seconds while that price computed.

Me: Um, no, PW Bread is on sale for $1.00.
Cashier: That's only white bread.
Me: The sign only says round top or sandwich, not "white only."

At this point another cashier picks up the ad and starts looking at it, while the first ran off to check the gigantic sign. Neither the sign nor the ad said anything about white bread only, although the cashier tried telling me that 1st, the sign is on the white bread shelf (oh, so a sign that covers 3 shelves isn't meant for more than one shelf?) and 2nd that "the wheat bread is 3/$5, which is still good). Girlie, I could drive back down to wal-mart and pay $1.20 for wheat bread - give me my damn bread for $1!!!!

Finally the other cashier told her to just let me have it for $1. Finally. If they would have not "let" me have the bread for $1, I seriously would have told them I didn't want it. hey, $0.67 is $0.67, you know? That's 2/3 of another cheap loaf!

Anyway, back to my title. While the other cashier and I were waiting for the girl to come back from checking the sign, she looked at the badge on my hip and said, "You work in the Ohio office?" [note: I did not know this girl at all]. I told her yes, I worked in the Ohio office. "Oh, I thought they closed that down." Goodness. I guess I can't be anonymous here. Oh well.

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