Thursday, May 1, 2008

Burger King's Steakhouse Burger

Here's a picture of the behemoth known as the "Burger King Steakhouse Burger":

See that to the right? That's my mouse. HOLY CRAP THAT BURGER IS HUGE.

I've had nothing but problems with the Pulaski Burger King. One morning their registers were down, and didn't have any sort of sign or anything so I stupidly sat at the speaker waiting for the cashier to take my order. After a few minutes I spoke up, then they told me to come back in about half an hour. Um, hello, it's already 5 to 8 and i need to be at work in 5 minutes. Do you *HONESTLY* think I will be back in 30 mins? (I wasn't). Another time I wanted my Iced BK Mocha, and they didn't have any ready. It's the morning! You don't have any coffee??????

Any way, so all week I've been seeing ads for the new steakhouse burger. Well, I finally decided to go get it today, and it was yet another disappointment. First, the burger had nearly half of a cup of mayo on it (GROSS), then they forgot to put on my onion petals. It's an integral part of the burger! It's what I paid $6.01 for the stupid meal for!

The burger itself reminded me of a really cheap dried out cardboard burger (oh, with extra char). Good thing I only ate half of it though. I got curoius and checked the calories on the burger. With mayo (which I scraped off) and onion petals (which they forgot), a full burger is 960cals. Nine HUNDRED sixty calories!!!!!!!! Good lord.


Backpacking Dad said...

I had a fantastic steakburger today that I am terrified to know the calorie count on.

But man...that was some good burger right there.

MadWoman said...

Grossness. I prefer the burgers from a good old fashioned Pub myself.

Heather said...

Oh great, I LOVE that dang steakburger too. And our BK is really good, especially when you compare it to the Wendy's directly across the street who don't know how to pour off a cups worth of water from their salads before they serve them.