Monday, December 15, 2008

Back in civilization!!!!!!!

So Friday was my last day of work (*sniff*). I picked up Justin at the airport in Nashville on Friday night, then we stopped at Carrabbas and had dinner. It wasn't bad. I don't know if I'd go back, but it was nice to see what the hype was all about (note to Carrabbas: add some balsamic vinegar to your oil and herb dip mix).

Saturday morning we went over to the UHaul place and spent an HOUR checking me into the system and getting the paperwork done. (note to UHaul: TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE BETTER).

We spent the day packing, then went out to dinner with Joan and Dane. Dinner was nice, and it would have been nicer if we could have spent more time with them, but there's always the future!

Sunday I got up early, and let Justin sleep for a few more hours while I packed up the last of the little stuff. After he got up and took the last shower in the apartment, I took down the shower curtain and rod, got 2 bales of hay from the barn (and gave the baby horse, John Henry, at least 3 treats). We grabbed all the garbage, turned off the heat and all the lights, left the keys in the cupboard, closed the door, went across the street to get gas, and headed on the road. We stopped 3 times - twice for gas & food in the same stop, and once for ice cream at DQ. I do love the holidays, and the fact that just about everyone seems to have something peppermint flavored.

We got to the house in Ohio around 10pm, got the older neighbor kid to come over and help move boxes, and were in bed by 11:30. Justin got up super early to drive to PA to go to work, and I slept until 9am (ahhhhhhhhh). Today I've been slowly unpacking stuff and my goal is to get everything (or nearly everything) unpacked by tomorrow night so I can make it to PA to get my baby shower list done.

OH! And I *FINALLY* was able to get an appointment with my new OB in Erie. I had to have my OB in TN send my records again for the 50th time, but they did accept me, and my appointment is for Dec 29th at 3:15pm.

I'll miss my friends in TN, but it's good to be back home.


jlynn1234 said...

Mmmmm, I love peppermint too:) Glad you made it back okay! You going to stay at your mom's until you find an apartment?
Love ya!

Heather said...

That's good to hear! Welcome home!

Paul J said...

girl, you need to put some posts up here!

Cindy said...

Wait, does this mean that you have to change the name of your blog?

YD said...

Getting closer to your due date, I bet you must be very excited.

Share It Here said...

Man I am jaw dropped on your blog lol It is so amazing no matter how many times you see it in your life ..SOMEONE SO MUCH WITH LIKES IN LIFE lolol
I love Pogo\
I was born in Hamot in Erie in 1956
...and more..
I was born in Erie but raised in Fl since 2yrs old so I guess you can say I a a Redneck Girl in a Redneck State lolol andddddd my husband is from Knoxville Tn lol
Have a Blessed day and keep writing.. Love reading it. see ya on Pogo. I am in the Club Pogo as chocoholicheaven