Thursday, January 22, 2009

Less than a month to go!

I know it's been a while since I've last posted, and for that - I'm sorry. I've been busy, not so busy, and just plain lazy lately. Let's see if I can cram all the updates into this one post :-).

My Christmas was pretty much uneventful - my family did presents on Christmas Eve, which freed Justin and I up to drive to his mom's on Christmas Day. Both of my sisters stopped by, and about the only thing I can complain about is that my youngest sister, Nikki, gave me totally rude presents. Back around Thanksgiving, she called me and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her a maternity sweater in size XL. If it looked too small, then she could get a 1x, but XL should be just fine. What did she get me? A red shirt and a red fleece jacket with Tigger on it (I'm not a big fan of Pooh either), in SIZES 3X!!!!! Regular sizes! Hell, my regular size is just XL (maybe 2x depending on the chest area). Thanks so much. Luckily she left the tags on, and I had mom take them back to Walmart and return them for store credit. His family's Christmas was the day after, and his mom's gift to everyone was a family photo. Just what I always wanted when I'm 32 weeks pregnant... to stand in the front row with my hands under my belly, and try to look happy about it. Thanks so much MIL... At least I had a cute outfit to wear.

Dec 29 was my first visit at my new OB's office. We got our family history's redone, and then Justin got to see me depants and get my cervix checked. Fun fun. "Nice to meet you too, Doc!"

New Years'
Justin and I didn't do anything - we drove back to the house in Ohio, got Chinese food, and about 10:30, I fell asleep on the couch. I did wake up around 11:30, and got to see the ball drop.
(Then we went to bed). [we're such party animals]

The guy came from VW to inspect my car the next day, since it's due back by Feb 28. (I'm not going to keep it). The only thing I have to pay for is the damn $219 dent my sister got in my car, back when she was using it to drive to work when she lived with us. I'll never see that money, so I'll just chalk it up to experience... as in, I'm experienced in not letting her use ANYTHING of mine, nor will I ever feel comfortable leaving my baby alone with her.

I got a call on Jan 9 from my new Dr's office, saying they FINALLY got the rest of my records from TN, and oh yeah, I do have gestational diabetes (the test was a freaking MONTH ago!!!) When I went back to the dr's office on Jan 13, I talked to the OB and asked for a retest. They didn't even know how much solution I had drank for the 3 hour test (75g), so they thought my numbers were inflated, and they're not, but even though I went for the retest, I still have to monitor my sugars. At least I got to go through the holidays eating sugar, but now I'm concerned that if I really DO have it, that there could be issues with the baby, since it went unchecked for a whole month. When I called the OB office to get my prescription for the test strips and lancets, they said my repeat 3 hour looked good, but I'm not going to hold my breath until after my appointment Tuesday when I talk to the Dr again.

I really hate having to prick my fingers 4x a day, monitoring how much I eat and when, and oh yeah, I have to check my ketones in the morning (it's a pee test. If you get up several times in the night to pee, just when is the "first" morning pee???) The worst part is my stepdad has a sweet tooth and he keeps asking me when I'm going to make him dessert. Yeah, I'm going to torture myself by making dessert when I can't eat it myself. Sure. Keep dreaming, dad.

We did get an apartment though! We won't be able to move into it until after the 1st of February, but that's ok. We're allowed to move stuff in beforehand, so I put all my baby shower stuff in there, and we moved some kitchen stuff in already. This weekend we have our birthing class, a friend's birthday party, and then will be driving to the house (hopefully with our friend Paul) to get a bunch of furniture in both trucks and bring as much back as we can. Next Saturday (Jan 31) is our 5 year wedding anniversary, so I doubt we'll get much moving done then.

I'll try to do my next post soon, and write about the baby shower.


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I've been wondering about you!

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Happy Anniversary!