Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 hour GTT (glucose tolerance test)

Well, I got up at 5am this morning (*yawn*), took a shower, grabbed my crocheting, and went over to the hospital. The nurse took my blood, then gave me the stuff to drink. It tasted just like orange pop, but I chugged it any way. The nurse kept telling me not to throw it up or else I would have to come back another day - but since I didn't have any problems with the stuff at the 1 hour test, I didn't think I would have any problems (and I didn't).

I really hope my OB calls and tells me I'm ok - my fingers hurt from the 4 pinpricks to get my sugar tested.

Here are my levels:
Fasting: 102
1 hour: 174
2 hour: 127
3 hour: 102

The only one that I figure I failed is the fasting - generally it should be below 95, but since I only failed one of them, then hopefully I'm ok.


Cindy said...

Sorry love, you failed the one hour as well. Your numbers should never be above 140 unless you have just eaten. I was gestational diabetic for both pregnancies. Don't worry, I highly doubt that you will have to do anything but watch your sugar intake.

Amber said...

This was the scale though:

Fasting blood glucose level ≥95 mg/dl (5.33 mmol/L)
1 hour blood glucose level ≥180 mg/dl (10 mmol/L)
2 hour blood glucose level ≥155 mg/dl (8.6 mmol/L)
3 hour blood glucose level ≥140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L)

Heather said...

Hopefully, if you do have it, it will go away once the baby is born, anyway. Just be careful what you eat.

Cindy said...

Yeah. One of those moments that I am glad to hear that I was wrong. I forgot about how much sugar is in that first drink.