Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 month and 100th post!

Today, Alex is one month old. In that month, Alex
  • has used about 250 diapers (we have yet to pay for any though! yay for diaper raffles!)
  • has peed on me four times, and daddy only once (dang it).
  • has decided to paint the changing table a lovely mustard yellow twice (I was too slow with the next diaper).
  • has had four baths - 2 sponge, and 2 in his lovely pink tub (sorry buddy, but it was cheaper than the blue one!)
  • has stretched his nighttime sleeping to 4 1/2 hours sometimes.
  • has had lots of kisses by mommy, daddy & Chance.
  • got lots of new outfits.
  • has been to mass twice so far.
  • has gotten lots of compliments on how cute and handsome he is.
  • has drained the batteries in his swing once so far.
  • can hold his head fairly steady.
  • has started smiling and focusing on faces.
  • makes "ooh" and "ah" noises.
  • has wrapped everyone around his tiny little fingers... of course!

(I'll add more today when I think of it)


Heather said...

Awww, how sweet!

Paul J said...

congrats. i, however, reached over 1000.
naner naner!

Marsha said...

Imagine that there was blogging at the time you were born. Wouldn't it be great to read what your mom and dad had to say. Hope you can find a way to let your little one and all those in generations to come in the family tree, have access to you and your husbands blogs. Keep up the running journal!! It's great.