Friday, September 12, 2008

Gotta protect the beer!

Last night I didn't feel like defrosting and cooking anything, so I decided to walk across the street to the gas station and get some chicken tenders. As I was sitting outside with their dog, Fido (who ADORES me), I watched the people 3 doors down from me coast their bicycles across the street (they're at the top of a very small hill), and over to the gas station. The lady had one top tooth, and was scary looking. (The better to open the beer with, m'dear?) They spent several minutes fussing with setting their bikes up against the building, then went inside and came out with a tall can of beer (I think they're 24 oz or something?). They then proceeded to wrap the beer tightly in the paper bag, and place it in the water bottle holder, then they WALKED their bikes back across the street.

Now, I could see if the road was busy (it was not), or if they had far to go (they did not), but why even bother taking your bike out if you're not even going to take the effort of RIDING it?!?

Oh well. At least the chicken tenders were good!


jlynn1234 said...

Maybe they didn't want to get a PUI? Peddling Under the Influence:-)

Heather said...

Biking downhill is the easy part. You don't actually have to work for it.

just a girl... said...

Chesters? You have me wanting 2 chicken tenders, 2 potato wedges and 1 jalapeno right now. I never thought i would eat tenders from a store before, but omg they are good.