Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's been pretty dry here lately, so much so that even the weeds in the horse pasture were wilty.

Well, today, it rained! There were big powerful thunderstorms with apparently a lot of wind. We even lost power for 40 minutes at work today... which is always fun. I got to run around shutting down servers before the UPS would shut them off ungracefully. Then I got to eat my lunch cold (but luckily it was a meatloaf sandwich, so it was still good cold). My boss called for an update, amd amazingly when I was on the phone with him, the pwoer came back... so then I had to go around to all of those servers I had shut down and get them started back up again. Fun Fun.

When I got home at 5pm, I was greeted by this:

and this:

In that first picture, my car is parked in a totally different spot than it normally is, since the tree that fell still had a big splintered chunk waiting to fall. No way was I going to park my LEASED Jetta (isn't it beautiful?) near that fence and the broken tree. I just have to Thank God that I was at work.

Good thing I hadn't moved my hammock stand like I said I was going to last week - it would have gotten buried under those other branches!

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Jenn said...

Yes it is a good thing that you didn't have anything sitting there!