Wednesday, January 16, 2008

OMG, you better shut down the city!

Snow snow everywhere - oh wait, it's barely a dusting and the grocery stores are out of eggs, milk, and bread from everyone freaking about about the DUSTING of snow. I can still see grass! I had a lady at work today ask me how much would constitute a "good" snow in Cleveland, and I told her anything over 6" or so (at once). I should have told her that when I was a kid, school wasn't cancelled until you had 3' (yes feet) of snow in one night. Here, they already cancelled school for tomorrow, and the snow is supposed to be gone after midnight tonight. Lovely.

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Justin said...

Well if ya had stayed north you could've been skiing downhill most the whole season!

Ya really got to appreciate the southren towns closing down - noone knows how to drive when it gets a little slippery and the insurance premiums would be too high after 50% of the population would crash their car.

Besides an extra day off down there is like a Mexican siesta - free vacation. We up here gotta work, so someone must relax. Hell this past winter I drove a two wheel drive pickup to work (with no weight in the back) in about 8" of snow (never did seem to get plowed) and still made it to work on time.

When you can still see the grass - it is not even considered snow up here, just a thick frost.